Grow your own way in the Town of Barrhead


Town of Barrhead
Barrhead, Alberta


Barrhead enjoys breathtaking river views, and an affordable lifestyle without sacrificing the urban services people depend on. Barrhead is less than 150 km from Edmonton, yet getting in front of potential visitors, investors, or new residents was a challenge. While short term marketing efforts had been made, results were mixed. The Town’s official logo was decades old and was often mistaken for the neighbouring county. The brand needed to better reflect both the community and the local government as an organization. Ion was engaged to help develop a brand focused on family and life balance, attuned to Barrhead’s healthy amenities, events and natural endowments.

Building ambassadors to uncover an authentic brand

As a result of well-attended facilitated public engagement sessions, we were able to develop a strategic brand platform that was embraced by the community. Barrhead stands out as a town full of character and craft. With a community rich in industry experience, the place branding concept focuses on a human-centred approach to capture the balance of hard-working business owners, tight-knit families, and young professionals that make up the town.

The typographic wordmark paired with complimentary subtext creates a versatile system, endlessly flexible with tagline or phrases adding character to each application. Colours and bold graphic patterns derived from local scenes, tie this identity together while being distinct from neighbouring communities and anchored by a friendly approach. By way of developing brand ambassadors through branding initiatives in combination with improved infrastructure and media development, Barrhead is on its way to building community and revitalization.

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