Lethbridge: Brighter Together


Economic Development Lethbridge
Lethbridge, Alberta


Ion developed a brand for Economic Development Lethbridge to help them achieve Intelligent Community Designation and build capacity for this first-class small city. Through citizen and business engagement in community-wide initiatives a set of brand attributes and objectives were identified to support the goal of economic diversification for Lethbridge; capture the personality of the city: solid, enthusiastic, friendly, intelligent, green; help to build a knowledge economy founded in creativity and innovation; attract smart, interesting businesses and people to enrich life in the city; and continue to build a diverse, friendly community.

Economic Development Lethbridge Logo

Reflecting how the community sees themselves

The Lethbridge icon represents the sun, a wind turbine and a flower – a visual reflection of the industries and technologies that support Lethbridge’s adaptive and innovative economy. To extend this concept, unique brand elements have been built using the icon and patterns derived from solar energy and agriculture. These branding elements, paired with the colour palette and typography, create a unified brand experience and reflect the brand story — We recognize that we are a product of our incredible environment, that we each play a role in weaving the cultural fabric we proudly call our community. We are not afraid to stand apart, but we are brighter together.

Economic Development Lethbridge Brand Elements
Economic Development Lethbridge Flyer
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Economic Development Lethbridge Flyer
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