Manitoba cannabis education + anti-design


Manitoba Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority
Winnipeg, Manitoba


The Liquor Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) initiated a campaign within their Know My Limits sub-brand to promote cannabis harm reduction during the holidays, when increased consumption can often lead to clouded judgement, especially for new or infrequent users. Ion identified younger audiences as a target, who they’d missed in past campaigns. Our target was specifically18-25 year olds, who are statistically the most likely to try weed based products for the first time.

Designed Anti-Design

Built with a social media first approach

Using an anti-design approach, the campaign intentionally breaks the rules to authentically position it within the social realm. Digital stickers, highlighted text and a funky warped background, give it a peer-to-peer aesthetic that feels almost like it were created within Instagram, which helps it feel less authoritative. Cannabis and holiday themed stickers enhance the key messages to create a bold and memorable campaign that is fun, relaxed and geared towards youth on social media. Following a successful campaign, TikTok inspired videos were an added to support the campaign in it's second year. These videos follow popular point-of-view content trends to humorously relate key messages to specific scenarios.

LGCA Cannabis Education Poster
LGCA Cannabis Education Poster
LGCA Cannabis Education Poster
LGCA Cannabis Education Gift Wrap & Stickers