Comfort grub and karaoke at El Galleon


El Galleon,
Avalon, California


Opened in 1967, El Galleon is a Catalina Island, California, institution known for its eclectic atmosphere, classic American fare and lively karaoke bar. With new owners, El Galleon kept its legendary name and concept but underwent an extensive interior update and brand refresh to start its next voyage. Ahoy! Eat · Drink · Sing!

El Galleon logo

Muster at El Galleon

Building on the name “Galleon,” the brand incorporates custom blackletter typography and engraved style illustrations that allude to the sea and the ships’ history for commerce, war and the attraction of pirates. Combined with dreamy island and fantastical food shots, the new brand builds on the location’s history while setting the tone for a unique experience.

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