Congress 2019 Circles of Conversation at UBC


University of British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia


The 88th annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences took place at UBC in June 2019. With over 10,000 attendees converging on UBC’s Vancouver campus, it was the largest interdisciplinary conference in Canada, and one of the largest in the world. Bringing together over 70 academic associations that represent a rich spectrum of disciplines, Congress 2019 fostered and encouraged conversation among scholars, educators, students, political leaders and activists. This two-year long project developed into a comprehensive and robust platform from identity and collateral materials to a flexible way finding system.

Humanistic and accessible

The logo uses abstract elements that conjure ideas of humanity and safety – all within the context of BC’s beautiful, atmospheric vistas. People being the focus of their work, the brand photography expresses the likeness of those they seek to protect with respect, pride and authenticity. The high contrast black and white style unifies the imagery and is pleasing to those with vision disabilities. Typography is humanistic and accessible, while the colour palette adheres to WCAG guidelines. The resulting brand provides a thoughtful system that is accessible to people with disabilities and makes space for a safe and inclusive environment where all individuals can feel welcome. The brand’s soft and more artful approach visually separates itself from government run organizations, while championing human rights with dignity and compassion.

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