Food Hubs BC


BC Ministry of Agriculture & Food
Victoria, BC


The Ministry of Agriculture & Food engaged Ion to develop videos and print material that educate producers and the public about the BC Food Hub Network, the food hubs, and their clients. To date, Ion has produced seven ±2 minute videos, with corresponding 15-30 second teasers with our good friends Cinova Studios. Our work includes copywriting, project management and planning, pre-production, script and interview question development, directing and shooting, photography, post production, editing and motion graphics. In addition we developed branded collateral material including pop-up banners and brochures to be used at conventions and trade shows, promoting the programme to small food producers and businesses.

Creating a rippling effect throughout the Province

Much like a water ripple expanding outwards, a hub can bring with it so many opportunities that grow and change the region in which it operates. This analogy has been carried throughout the brand in the form of overlapping circles in print and animated applications. The overall look and feel of Food Hub BC's materials complement the Buy BC and Feed BC brands yet retain a strong individual identity.

Food Hubs BC Hub Facility
Food Hubs BC Brochure
Food Hubs BC Pop-up banners
Food Hubs BC Brochure
Food Hubs BC Food Production Worker