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Bluewater Grill
Newport Beach, California


Bluewater Grill is a family of restaurants with multiple locations in Southern California and Central Arizona. Our approach in developing a new brand identity is a direct and artful reflection of a fresh catch. With real fish prints and a stamp like typographic quality, the brand captures the local artisanal seafood experience in a sophisticated and lighthearted way. At Bluewater legends aren’t just told, they are lived. So when customers talk about fresh, sustainable fish, artisan foods and unique local flavor it’s all about the experience. Bluewater is where stories begin.

Building and evolving more than two decades of branding and communication

As the restaurant family’s agency of record, we have evolved Bluewater’s brand programme throughout the years, most recently launching a new website. This latest project has simplified Bluewater’s online experience by bringing all its online tools together, including a dynamic online menu, integrated reservations and promotional email campaigns.

Bluewater Grill Website
Bluewater Grill Fish Case
Bluewater Grill Menu Design
Bluewater Grill Mobile Website Screens
Bluewater Grill Avalon Exterior Shot with logo
Bluewater Grill Website Screen
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Bluewater Grill Santa Barbara
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