Mountain View County EcDev + Tourism


Mountain View County
Didsbury, Alberta


Mountain View County Council has undertaken the development of an Economic Development Strategy with a focus on targeted business attraction and tourism opportunities while ensuring the preservation of agricultural lands. Ion developed a brand to help them drive business traffic to existing business parks and airports to feature the diverse opportunities, landscapes and amenities that Mountain View County residents, businesses and stakeholders are proud of. A key component was to harness the County’s initiatives into a single brand identity that could be used for various marketing initiatives from billboards and magazine ads to Instagram and Google ads.


A rural attitude with spirit and spunk

The overaching tagline, It's different in Mountain View County, brings each pillar together – tourism, agri-business and aviation. This tagline is interpretted differently within each pillar, with tourism being more witty and business communications more confident. Copy writing is a driving force that defines the brand personality and makes MVC different, just as the tagline describes. Subtle brand elements and minimalistic photography, convey the idea of space to grow and explore without directly saying it.