BCFSA: You’re Protected


British Columbia Financial Services Authority
Vancouver, Canada


BC Financial Services Authority regulates and oversees important financial transactions in British Columbia to ensure fairness, legality, and the prosperity of consumers and the province. Ion was tasked in the fall of 2020 to refine an existing brand, and develop a brand platform, design system, templates and guidelines for the organization. Our work continues with BCFSA as agency of record, designing their website, office signage, reports and both internal and external communications.

BCFSA Photo with Tagline treatment

Modern and trusted with a confident, bold vision

The brand’s expanding circular element has conceptual origins in steel engraving techniques found in the creation of money and certificates. It visually enhances applications while communicating a unified approach to protecting life’s most important financial milestones. Combined with colourful data visualization and textural photographic elements from the Province’s landscape and architecture, BC Financial Services Authority’s brand reflects a fair and balanced approach to regulation and support for stakeholders. 

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